who we are

TURBO brand was born in 1953, aimed to the manufacturing of machinery and every element to prepare ores and minerals.At the begining the manufacturing was interchanged with the development of the very first mills and hydraulique turbines reparations, and additionally some other works for several industries.


During the fifties the first national manufacuring jaw crusher with rolled bearings integrated was born.

This machinery enterely created with our own techniques, covers a wide range of manufacturing within different typologies, sizes and productive capacities. Over the years this knowledge has been optimizing a research and development continuous proccess, generating a valuable know how and a wide experience in the field of ores and minerals treatment, main asset of the company for the best counselling of our customers and consultants.

In the early sixties due to the increasing market demand and recognised prestigious of the machinery, the decision to fabricate exclusively machines for crushing ang grinding was finally taken.

The experience that Turbo Company has in rock crushing includes virtually across the broad spectrum of the same. Thus, there are machines grinding limestone, dolomite, gypssum, granite, basalt,porphiry, dunite, ofita, cuartz, boulders, etc. There is as well a wide experience with specific materials and other minerals such as iron oxides and carbonates, coal, metallurgical coke, bauxite, corundum, salts, refractories, ferroalloys, etc…